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I had the pleasure of doing a half-day hike at the Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary with Anthony from Wide Open Spaces. The landscape welcomed us with it’s beautiful flora and fauna, explained by Anthony. It was a hot day, so we paused at times in the shade with two highlighted breaks, one in a cave and the other at a spring. The cave was extraordinary for its paintings, and there was a nest of a honey badger, which was a first for me being from Europe. Later we rested and had a little snack by the spring pool, watching frogs, birds and red dragon flies. Such a soothing beautiful natural environment! Such a fun and interesting learning experience, as Anthony was very knowledgeable about the environment. The final highlight was towards the end of the walk when we got to see the majestic predators, lions and tigers, of the sanctuary. All in all a wonderful, perfect, unique experience and day for me! Thank you Anthony, Ian and the Ubuntu team. I can recommend Wide Open Spaces at any time! – Anke Zeller (Germany March 2023)

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