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About Wide Open Spaces

Why we call it "Walking", not Hiking!

Living in a city or town may have its merits, however, it has also become a challenge in terms of stressful and healthy living.

We all know that a satisfying stroll changes our outlook and perhaps these days we realise it that much more because of our experiences relating to the coronavirus pandemic that affected each-and-every one of us, in one way or another.

Walking can be a kind of a behavioural preventive against depression and has scientifically been proven that it benefits us on many levels, both physically and psychologically.

Walking helps to produce protein molecules in the muscles and the brain that help repair wear and tear and has the following additional health benefits:

  • It increases cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness (heart and lung).
  • It has been medically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  • It can protect the brain region associated with memory and planning and shifts one into a more relaxed, meditative state to access one’s thoughts and construct ideas more clearly
  • it improves management conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness and diabetes.
  • It assists with increasing strength and fitness and improves balance.

So, to answer why we call it “WALKING” and not hiking is because we would like our clients to enjoy the trails, without any pressure that “hiking” sometimes lends itself to. We also would like our clients to experience not only seeing wonderful sites and having fun but also to assist them on a path to improve their health.

During our multi-day “walks” our clients do not carry heavy backpacks, overnight in tents or caves, cook over a fire or portable gas stove and endure long and difficult trails without ever stopping to smell the flowers nor enjoy the sights around them.

Instead they walk a different trail each day, varying in distance and level of difficulty. They are able to walk at a comfortable pace with a small day-pack, meals and snack-packs prepared for them, sleep in a clean bed and have bathroom facilities at a “Base-Camp Lodge”.

Anthony Rosenbaum

Owner and Guide

Born and educated in the Eastern Cape, Anthony moved to Johannesburg in 1988 on a work related promotion.

In January 2000 Anthony summited Mount Kilimanjaro and this experience laid the foundation for Anthony to one day start his own special interest tourism business.

In March 2020, Anthony sold his business and started a bespoke hiking & walking experience business which was fast-tracked much sooner than he had ever anticipated.

Anthony took an 18-month’s “sabbatical” and completed an Advanced Guiding Course, before starting Wide Open Spaces.

In 2017 a number of friends asked me to start a “hiking group” and within a couple month’s I had a regular group of hikers/walkers who joined me, most weekends. It was on these outings that I made a number of interesting observations. Firstly, I noticed that those who came on the hikes seem to make friends with each other very quickly. Secondly, the people who came on these weekend trails were completely absorbed with information about the local flora and fauna that was provided by a local expert whom I had invited to join us. Thirdly, the group continued to grow in numbers and I received ongoing requests from people to join the group, indicating the demand for hiking and walking groups and the desire by people to “get out of the city”.

Anthony has travelled extensively around Southern Africa and has found numerous places, off-the-beaten track, which he has included in the tour packages offered.


  • Advanced Guiding: US FETC: Tourist Guiding NQF L4 (71549) – E. Cape, W. Cape & Gauteng.
  • Guiding: US Skills Programme – Site Guide NQF L4.
  • CATHSSETA Accreditation: 613/P/060074/2006.
  • Spirit Of The Wild Intuitive Guiding Training Course – Bergplaas Nature Reserve – FGASA Endorsed.
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