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We have just been on the Stoep Tasting and Hiking adventure in Nieu Bethesda. We stayed on an operational sheep farm which has been on the family for generations. Each day we went on a lovely hike, each one different to the other in the stunning Karoo countryside. The first night we had sundowners in the middle of the veld where we saw the most magnificent sunset I have ever seen in my life. The Canyon hike was memorable with the black eagles (Verreaux’s) soaring effortlessly above us with the backdrop of the orange, craggy cliffs. We then had the afternoon to taste delicious and high-quality wines and had enormous fun and banter. The whole weekend was catered for by Judy and Howard Sheard from Weltevreden Farm. It was delicious home-comfort food that we ate ravenously after all the hiking. Ant and his colleague, Colleen, were expert guides/organizers attending to our every need and the weekend worked like clockwork. We met lovely people, made friends and felt we would love to sign up for another similar weekend in the not too distant future.

Margot Edwards Glynn – May 2024

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